Happy Easter & Egg Competition

We hope you are enjoying your Easter breaks, celebrating or relaxing with friends and family.  As mentioned on the newsletter, our annual Easter Egg decorating competition will be judged on the first day back (Tuesday 3rd May).  Seasoned veterans will know what is involved, but to any newcomers here is some information:

  • You need to decorate an egg (hard-boiled or blown please!) in whatever way you wish! We usually have a variety of artistic, modern and funny entries.
  • You can enter as an individual or as a group effort; prizes will be awarded per class and one for overall best group effort.
  • Judges tip: try to make it as much of the children’s work as possible

I am at home listening to the church bells ring out over Bakewell, so do not have access to the photo archive from previous years to upload right now.  However, I can show you the Petts entries for the last two years to give you some semblance of what to expect.

Going on an Egg Hunt

ET - the Eggstra Terrestrial

Good luck – and enjoy making your eggscellent and eggsciting entries (sorry, obligatory Easter puns)

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  1. sophie hunter

    Thanks for explaining… we were wondering what it was all about!!

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