All Hatched Out!

Welcome to our full brood of ten chicks!

eggs 001

They are now all in our brooder box, keeping warm under the brooder plate. Every now and then they have to put up with these great big giant beings peering in at them, but they look like they are coping well!

eggs 002

Unfortunately two of our chicks are slightly different to the others. One has a crossed beak and the other has a twisted foot. We have talked about whether these chicks would survive in the wild and feel very lucky that they have started their lives with us.

eggs 003

Some of the chicks are starting to get a little frisky and tried to fly out of the box! Luckily the box sides are too high for them at the moment. When we look into the box, they stretch up to see us and we have seen just how long their necks can go. Some of us have also been quite surprised at the range of colours the chicks are – we were expecting all yellow ones.

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  1. nicky luscombe

    Fantastic! Great fun for the kids.Thankyou to Nic Platts for organising this.

  2. Three chicks settling in well at the Codd household – Gold, Noodles and NightandDay are their names. Noodles is something of an escape artist!

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