The Next Generation

This morning we took off to the National Space Centre on the Andrews Fireball XL5 (OK, a double-decker) for our whole school trip.  There was a lot of excitement on the journey down and we were greeted with a visual feast as we walked through the door.  First up, we had a couple of workshops focussing on Rocket Science and Food in Space that provided a wealth of information to our budding astronauts.

After a quick lunch, we were set free on the various exhibits and activities on offer and split up into groups to explore the landscape.  With areas dedicated to all aspects of space there was lots to see and learn about.  A stop off in the cinema dome gave us an insight into the fascination about the universe held by mankind with a jaw-dropping animation that filled the huge ceiling above.  A few of us were dizzy, but we all left amazed and a more knowledgeable nonetheless.

It was then off to explore again, and as you can see from the photo show below, we got to see a considerable amount and enjoyed every minute of it.

Then, with about an hour to go of our visit, came an event straight out of Apollo 13 – however, it was more “Leicester, we have a problem!” than Houston, as there was a large power-cut that seemed to affect the whole local area.  They had to close down and evacuate the building, a great shame.  So we boarded the capsule for the return voyage (OK, the double-decker again!) and with a considerable amount of singing came splashing back to Earth.

Ready for a ton of photos?


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Photos by all the staff

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  1. Nancy detchon

    Great photos and write up! Really lovely to see what you all did today! Thanks for keeping us up to date, much appreciated!

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