Spooky Walk and Halloween Disco

Well done to all the children who were brave enough to tackle the spooky walk this evening!  I was too scared to venture out, and I heard that it was pitch black in the woods….did you all make it back?

The disco afterwards was a very energetic affair with a wide range of monsters and creepy individuals strutting their stuff on the dance floor.  A big thank you to the PTA for organising both events, the hot dogs went down a (trick or) treat.

Here are a few monsters enjoying the Halloween celebrations:

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  1. nicky luscombe

    A great effort by the PTA and school staff once again! Holly and Joe had so much fun….thankyou everyone.

  2. Maria and Stephen Blowen

    Thank you to the teachers for stopping behind, making it a long day. The kids loved it! Good team work, well done. The DJ and assistant enjoyed themselves too and look forward to the next. lol

  3. Ellie’s (and lots of other children too!) last Grindleford School Spooky Walk this year. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved this year and in all the years gone by. It has been wonderful to be involved and the turnout this year was MASSIVE – a great village event. Thank you xx

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