I’ll just check mate

The 2012 chess competition kicked moved off today with several first round matches taking place.  Last year’s winner Benny is the man in the spotlight, and he was matched with a tough draw against Rosie.  He came through it victorious and is the one they all want to avoid!


The competition takes place at lunchtimes on Thursdays and Fridays and will carry on into the next term.

Rewards are available for all who take part:

  • 3 points: a badge
  • 6 points: 1st Gold Spot
  • 9 points: 2nd Gold Spot
  • 11 points: a mascot
  • 12 points: 3rd Gold Spot
  • 15 points: 4th Gold Spot and a bag tag/key ring
  • 18 points: 5th Gold Spot
  • 21 points: 6th Gold Spot and a secret prize (even I don’t know what it is!)

The overall winner also receives the trophy.


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  1. oh ha ha I’ll just check mate. Benny looking hard to beat in that photo there.

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