Chess (not draughts)

Round 3 of the chess tournament was completed today, with some extremely tough games causing a few upsets.  Although in a friendly match, Harry did manage to beat our current champion Benny – so a big well done to him.  It also puts extra focus on the top game in round 4!

New Top Scorers



Carlos 9
Harry 9
Oscar 8
Benny 8
Devon 7
Ezri 7
Tom 7
Archie 7
Julia 7

The games for round 4 will be:

  • Oscar vs. Devon
  • Benny vs. Ezri
  • Ellie vs. William
  • Emily vs. Elfie
  • Eleanor vs. Julia
  • Harry vs. Carlos
  • Anna vs. Nathan
  • Tom vs. Archie
  • Bertie vs Albie
  • Holly vs. Leela
  • Rosie vs. Jago
  • Joe vs Lex


I did have to remind one contestant that it wasn’t draughts:


(they wouldn’t budge, so she stopped blowing and resorted to the more traditional method of moving them)

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