Exciting Excavations!

We have been very excited this week to watch the drastic excavations of our top playground and quiet garden.

Whilst we all really liked our existing garden we had to be brave and face up to the fact that it needed to be redesigned on the grounds of health and safety and to help our tree to continue to grow.

The workmen have done a brilliant job and have unearthed a much larger space than we thought was there! The Millennium bench has been seated by the tree for all to enjoy alongside the bird table. The seating and the weather station will return soon.

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Our next plan it to plant the garden back up again. We have asked our gardener, Mr Phil Luscombe, to design some raised beds alongside some floor beds to maximise the amount of new space we have. He is also going to look at what plants we should have to encourage insects and butterflies alongside planting up a proper wildlife hedgerow at the bottom end of the garden area. It should be superb and we can’t wait!

School Council have been given the task of gathering ideas for new markings on the top playground – a massive chess board seems very popular at the moment! They will have free range on design and hopefully follow the whole process through from initial ideas to completion. How exciting!


We are also looking at improving our pond area. Mr Platts and Mr Cannell have been working extremely hard on a new design that will enable the children to safely use the pond for various activities such as pond dipping. The design looks fabulous (click here to take a look) and the quotations for the work will be discussed with the children and parents through the next PTA meeting – so come along and have your say!

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  1. Loads of space! It brings back memories of my days at Grindleford. We played hopscotch in that area. I will try and find some old pictures.
    Have fun planning.

  2. The plans for the pond look superb!…It would be so great to improve the learning opportunities the plan provides and I think the frogs will be impressed too!

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