Chess: Penultimate Round

Round 6 of the Chess Competition is ready to begin as Holly just edged a victory over Elfie in the last game of Round 5 this lunchtime.  Opponents are determined by comparing scores and ensuring that competitors don’t play each other twice; as such, generating the match list is now harder than playing chess itself as you can see from my frantic scribbling on the scoresheet!


The new leaders are now:



Harry 15
Benny 14
Oscar 12
William 12
Archie 12
Ezri 11
Eleanor 11
Anna 11
Tom 11
Carlos 11

The games for round 6 will be:

  • Oscar vs. William
  • Devon vs. Julia
  • Benny vs. Harry
  • Ellie v. Holly
  • Ezri vs. Eleanor
  • Emily vs.  Anna
  • Elfie vs. Jago
  • Tom vs. Leela
  • Nathan vs. Albie
  • Bertie vs. Lex
  • Rosie vs. Joe
  • Carlos vs. Archie


Round 6 will start Tomorrow at lunchtime Chess Club

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