Frog Watch

20120313-frogs-005 The pond is a frenzy of activity at the moment; as Spring rapidly approaches various lifecycles are continuing on with the next stages.  Not deterred by a bit of duck weed, the frogs are claiming  ownership of the water and are filling it up with plenty of spawn.

Frog watching is a popular activity in the Trim Trail at lunchtimes for pupils and staff alike, and if the current plans (click to take a look) for this part of school come to fruition, we will all have access to this and other aspects of pond nature throughout the school year. They are going to be discussed at the next PTA meeting, so come along to share your views on what we think are amazing plans at the Sir William at 19:30 on Wednesday March 28th.

20120313-frogs-017 20120313-frogs-011

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  1. sophie hunter

    Great photos!

  2. nicky luscombe

    Ditto! The photos are great. I cant make it to the next PTA meeting but the go ahead for the Pond improvements would get my vote.

  3. nicky luscombe

    ps… should enter a caption competition with the frog photo!

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