The final stretch is upon us, and the end is in sight for the chess competition.  The last couple of games for the penultimate round were played today and the last match-ups are now pencilled in.   A score of 17 means you qualify for the regional megafinal (in Derby), which is entirely optional, but is a terrific opportunity to test out your skills against the best and represent the school for our region.  Details will be sent out with all children who achieve this score for them to make that decision (go on!)

The new leader board:



Benny 17
Harry 16
Oscar 15
Eleanor 14
Anna 14
Tom 14
Archie 14
Carlos 13
William 13


So either Oscar, Benny or Harry will be crowned Grindleford Primary School 2012 Chess Champion and taking this trophy home as a memento of their success.

The final games for round 7 will be:

  • Oscar vs. Anna
  • Devon vs. Jago
  • Benny vs. Tom
  • Ellie vs. Ezri
  • Emily vs. Albie
  • Elfie vs. Lex
  • Eleanor vs. Harry
  • Nathan vs. Bertie
  • Holly vs. Joe
  • Rosie vs. Leela
  • Carlos vs. William
  • Archie vs. Julia

Round 7 will start ON THURSDAY during the first week back after Easter at lunchtime Chess Club. 


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