What an Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat!

We had a lovely day on Wednesday visiting the theatre.  Firstly, we had a very interesting tour around the backstage area of the Pomegranate theatre in Chesterfield.  We found out about the scenery and how it is changed; looked at the safety curtain and found that it is actually metal although it looks like fabric from the front; visited the dressing rooms and found that life is not really that glamorous backstage and even went underneath the stage to look at trap doors and the orchestra pit!  This was even more interesting as we remembered the pantomime we watched at Christmas and could think about how it was put together behind the scenes.

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Afterwards we crossed the road and went to The Winding Wheel theatre to watch Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  For a lot of us this was the first time we had watched a musical that didn’t have any speaking in it at all.  The production was extremely good and well worth visiting.   A massive thank you and congratulations must go to all the children for their superb behaviour and attitude throughout the whole trip.  We received lots of well deserved positive comments from the other members of the audience who were sitting near to us.  It is always lovely to hear other people confirm what we already know – that our children are a credit to the school and yourselves.  We are very proud of them!   Thank you to all the staff, Mrs Condron and Mr Blowen for giving up their time to accompany the trip.

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