Great Galloping Grindleford Gourmets!

As you will no doubt be aware from the posters around the village our PTA is trying to put together a Grindleford Primary School Cookbook.  We are all very excited about this as I know there are lots of great chefs already in school who are just bursting with recipe creations.

The idea is to gather lots of ‘traditional’ family recipes (you know the ones passed down from Great Granny Ethel that always gets made on the third Sunday before Christmas?!!! – doesn’t every family have these weird and wonderful traditions like this?!), Gallop tray bake favourites, cakes, main teas, deserts and even ideas for the world’s best packed lunch for school.  We are hoping to produce a cookbook that becomes the most used book in your kitchens.

If you would like to take part, then just click on the PTA tab on the top menu bar of the website and click on ‘Cookbook’ from the drop down menu.  This will open up a form where you can just type you recipe in.  Alternatively you can email your culinary delights to along with any illustrations or pictures you may have taken of your creations!

Happy cooking everybody!

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