The Element of Water

There are four elements that your Tai-Chi-practicing children will be able to show you, but it seems that only the Water one turned up today at the carnival.  It didn’t dampen spirits though, as the children showed what superb tutorship they have been receiving from Little Dragons over the year.  After a couple of warm ups, class 1 demonstrated the animal forms before class 2 gave a stunning display of their staff work.  Both did extremely well and there were even smiles on the faces despite the rain as they enjoyed the chance to show the village what they can do.


Jo and Wendy from Little Dragons are fantastic with the children, and it is clear to see what progress has been made with their physical development as a result of the weekly sessions.  They are always introducing new things year on year, so hopefully we can impress the crowds again next time too (but in the sunshine!!)

Well done to all the demonstrators who attended today, and a very big thank you to all the parents and friends of school who joined in at the end.  You may see yourselves in the slide show…….

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  1. Fantastic! Tilly looks like she knows what she is doing. It was a lot of fun!

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