Something Fishy

What a terrific whole school visit we had today!!!!!!!  We heard nothing but “WOW!“s and “OOOOHH!“s all day long as the school enjoyed a trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Chester.  We saw sharks, rays, lobsters, jellyfish, starfish, clownfish and many other species of fish in the various tanks, pools and the amazing walkway.  In addition to a lengthy walk around of all the sections, each class took part in a short classroom session to increase their knowledge on sea creatures and watched a feeding show where divers hand delivered food to the range of animals in the huge tank.

Overall, an agreed 10/10 from the children, helpers and staff (even Miss Siddall!)

Here are a few shots of our day:

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  1. sophie hunter

    Wonderful photos!! Wow… Thank you for sharing. (Have you got any of the play, by the way?)

  2. Wonderful pictures! I swam with those divers and those very sharks and yes, they have teeth, lots of them! Swimming with the sharks was a great experience but we had to keep our arms folded when the sharks swam close to us, so that they didn’t nibble our fingers.

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