Piratical Style

What a show!  After speaking to a lot of you after the performance, I know that you enjoyed watching it as much as we did putting it on.  The children were absolutely fabulous in their roles and there were some stand-out performances from many of the cast.  Although shooting some of these photos did lead me to making an error with some of the music, I hope that they serve to remind you in years to come of a wonderful piece of entertainment by the juniors.  AARRRRRR!!!!!

Many thanks again to all those who helped to make this play happen, including all the costuming that went on at home, but special thanks for the props, masks and scenery to Helen Mottershaw, Sophie Hunter, Evie Baker, Harry Townsend, Mrs Hill, Miss Siddall and Mrs Bingley.

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  1. Wonderful shots (as ever), wonderful show. Well done you! Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine now, and a well deserved break…

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