Pond Perfection!

As you are all aware we had a lot of work done to our new pond area during the summer term last year. Unfortunately, the weather was then too dismal for us to properly finish off the last little health and safety touches that needed to be completed.

Thankfully, we have had just enough of a break in the wet weather this week in order to do the final finishing touches of yellow warning stripes near the edge of the boardwalk and the step. A big thank you to the two members of Class 3 who helped me to paint the stripes and therefore get the area ready for use.

Whilst we were painting we saw lots of wildlfe and activity, including two Dragonflies! Let’s hope that the weather improves enough for us to use the area from next week.

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Posted on September 14, 2012, in General Information. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Coo! and wow! that looks lovely. Now you’ve finished that one you can come and make one in my garden.

    I wonder if the parents who dug out the pond in the first place would be interested to see how lovely it looks now! does anyone know who they are?

    thanks for all the hard work and stripey painting skills (did you use stripey paint?)

  2. Agreed. Looks lovely.

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