Christmas Puddings

What a great day for the whole school, all thanks to The Maynard.  Once again they treated us to Christmas pudding making and a wonderful lunch (check out the faces of the children on the lunch shots!).   Chef Mark led the children through the ingredients and the best way to combine them all together.  The mixing was the best bit, and Miss Siddall’s amazing shot clearly shows how much energy they put into it.

In addition to The Maynard, we really appreciate the contribution from Holdsworths for supplying all the food.  If you fancy having a go yourselves, here is the recipe we used today.

We should be expecting them back soon, and selling them at a very reasonable price to raise school funds so you can enjoy them in the upcoming holiday – so keep an eye out for a letter or text.

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  1. Wow.

    These made me smile and smile. We will treasure them once we’ve gone at the end of the year.. memories of wonderful Grindleford school.

  2. Lovely pics. Think my kids must have been hiding under the table though!

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