Mosque Visit

What an absolutely fantastic morning Class 2 and Class 3 have had today visiting the Sheffield Islamic Centre.  As the coach drew up outside the children were all amazed at the beautiful building with its minarets and central dome, plus the rather fancy curved brick work.  Once we were inside the mosque we were warmly welcomed and treated to a very interesting tour, working our way through the different layers of the mosque until we were at the same height as the bottom of the dome.  As you can see from the gallery, the inside of the mosque was as beautiful as the outside and the children learnt many interesting facts and bits of information, from different praying positions to having a go at sounding out the alphabet in Arabic.  It was super to hear them putting their knowledge of what has already been learnt within school into the reality of the mosque itself.  Class 3 followed this up by writing their own web pages this afternoon.  Ask the children what surprised them the most about the visit or what new information they found out today.

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  1. First thing I heard when I got home from work this evening was about how fantastic the trip was today. We heard about having chocolate bars then all about what she had learnt.

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