Congratulations to this week’s winners!

Stars of the Week…

assembly 001

For all being excellent role models within class and their work – superb!

Finer Diners…

assembly 002

For displaying good table manners and being polite all week in the dining hall – excellent!

Writer of the Week…

assembly 003

For brilliant use of similes in her writing – well done!

Right Choice Card Winners…

assembly 004

For helping other children in school and being good friends – brilliant!

House Point Winners…

assembly 005

Congratulations to everybody in Ladybower for achieving the most house points this week. The House Captain and Vice Captain for Ladybower will present all our awards during the next Celebration Assembly.

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  1. Dear Mr Petts, whoever worked this one out needs to get out more.

    Sarah and Julia

  2. Still waiting agog! I loved the pattern the other one made – art in design. PS Julia tried the two glasses of water on the backs of my hands gag on Sunday night. I fell for it hook line and sinker. ‘And the magic is.,’. she said, chortling, as she walked off!

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