Two rounds to go

The chess competition is beyond the halfway point now, with the completion of Round 5 this afternoon.


Current top places are taken by:

Position Name Points
1 Benny 15
2 Archie 13
3= William 12
3= Carlos 12
5= Emily B 11
5= Julia 11
5= Jago 11
5= Holly 11


It is getting to the part where some rematches are unavoidable due to the points, although these are prevented as much as possible.

Round 6 match-ups are:

  • Benny vs. William
  • Oscar vs. Elfie
  • Archie vs. Carlos
  • Ezri vs. Leela
  • Emily vs. Julia
  • Jago vs. Holly
  • Devon vs. Alex
  • Bertie vs. Albie
  • Alice ā€“ bye: 3 points awarded

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  1. Hi its Rosie. What did you mean by Alice-bye does it mean she didn’t get anyone? I assume Benny is winning again. I feel sorry for Will. : )

    • Hi Rosie

      Yeah.. There was an odd number so someone gets a bye where they don’t play, but get awarded a win. Benny has done exceedingly well, the man to beat!! Why do you feel sorry for William?

  2. last year i was paired up with Benny and he totally thrashed me. Lets hope he doesn’t do the same to Will šŸ™‚

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