And now, the end is near….

The penultimate round in the chess competition was completed today, so the final match-ups have now be drawn.

untitled shoot-001-1

The current standings are:

Position Name Points
1 Benny 18
2 Archie 16
3= Jago 14
3= Emily 14
5= William 13
5= Carlos 13


So with wins from Emily and Jago, four pupils could reach the qualifying level of 17 points.  They will be invited to represent the school in regional finals.  Information on this will be sent out to all who reach this.  Additionally, if he wins his final match, Benny would complete a perfect 21 point score, an unprecedented feat at Grindleford!

Round 7 match ups:

  • Benny vs. Jago
  • Oscar vs. William
  • Archie vs. Emily
  • Ezri vs. Julia
  • Carlos vs. Holly
  • Devon vs. Bertie
  • Elfie vs. Alice
  • Albie vs. Leela
  • Alex: Bye – win awarded

The games will be played tomorrow and the winner announced in Friday assembly.

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