What an amazing performance by all involved in the key stage 2 production of Olivia.  As those who came can verify, the quality of acting and singing was extremely high with many talents impressing the audience and making them laugh.  The solos were a real highlight, and the delivery of the lines with authentic cockney accents gave the whole show a real East End feel throughout.

A huge thank you to all the parents who helped to source the great costumes, staff and friends for producing the sets and leading rehearsals, but mostly to the children who put so much into it as a whole.  Each year they manage to bring so much to the performances and make them what they are – this year being no exception.  We would also like to thank the audience for raising a whopping £204 for the chosen charity of Bluebell Wood.  This is by far our most successful, and the money will make a difference where it is really needed – thank  you.

Here are a few shots from the night for you to enjoy, I bet you can hear the accents and lyrics as you look though them:

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  1. Lovely pics, as ever, and a great show. Well done to all who made it happen!!(Thought the script was fab too.)

  2. Really, really nice photos Mr Petts….. and WHAT a performance. Bravo!!!

  3. A fantastic show. Loved the backdrops too.

  4. What a really special (two) evenings. x

  5. Helen Barnett

    Loved it all, great casting, Mr Petts

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