Bonkers Conkers

Conker AssemblyI bet some of your children have already come home and asked to go on a conker hunt over the half-term break.  After listening to some of the children, we have announced a conker competition that will take place after the week off, for children who wish to take part of course.  We’ve even put some information up on the site to answer any questions some may have over advice or rules for this traditional Autumn game.

Mrs Slack and Miss Village were very excited about their demonstration in assembly this morning, and it appears that treating them with vinegar and baking them does give an advantage.  Either that or Miss Village is a far better conkerer than Mrs Slack 😉

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  1. Genius, Mr P, sheer genius! Have just giggled my way through the conker pages. I miss primary school.

  2. A traditional autumnal playground game, brilliant…I con ker with you Nancy!

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