And we’re off!

The school’s aim to run a combined 268 miles got off to a flying start on Friday with an amazing whole-school effort down at the pavilion hard courts. The children’s enthusiasm was so impressive that their spirit carried everyone along as they exceeded the desired 1 mile each (13 laps) and created an incredible starting amount to our total.

As they recorded each lap, we have been able to break down some numbers for you too:

Total run: 127 miles

  • Class 3: 48 miles
  • Class 2: 26 miles
  • Class 1: 48 miles
  • Staff: 5 miles
  • Class 3 leaders: Nathan and Emily B with 38 laps
  • Class 2 leaders: Jesse and Brynn with 36 laps
  • Class 1 leaders: Adam and Toby with 33 laps
  • Staff: Mrs Slack with 26 laps

Amazing numbers aren’t they? This is by no means the end, you can add your miles run out of school to the total by submitting them to any school staff.  Andy Mouncey is going to be very impressed, as it looks like we are going to smash our target 268 miles.


Running Club will be starting after the half-term – keen runners need to keep an eye out for announcements.

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