Say Yes More!

What a exciting day we have had today! 

This morning the children met a real life Guinness World Record holder, Mr Dave Cornthwaite.  Dave got his first World Record back in 2008 (he has quite a few under his belt now) for deciding to say ‘No’ to the rat race and ‘Yes’ to living a dream and getting on a specially modified skateboard to cross Australia from Perth to Brisbane! 


Dave talked in detail about his life and adventures to date – kayaking the Murray River in Australia from the source to the sea; cycling on a tandem from Vancouver to Vegas; stand up paddleboarding the Mississippi from source to sea etc – and shared his ‘Yes’ philosophy along the way.  It was an amazing and exciting journey which really proved the point  that anyone can do anything that they really put their minds to!  Check out his adventures for yourselves at

So what has Dave inspired us to try to do?  This is what we would like to accomplish:

Nathan – Running to London and back

Maya – Ride a horse across Chile

Hazel – Have my own radio show

Ella – Go around the world to see all the animals

Emily M – Be Prime Minister

Fay – Own a guinea pig

Ayr – Skateboard across Mexico

Joe – Cycle around the coast of Great Britain

Sam I – Peddle scooter from John O’Groats to Land’s End

Holly – See the Northern Lights

Abbie – Kayak across the Atlantic

Flynn C – Sleep with Gelada Baboons

Morgan – Go to the North Pole to see what is there

Ruby S-M – Go and see the Northern Lights

Alice – Try to swim 5 miles

Jakey – Learn to fish

Jessica – Learn to paddleboard

Fergus – Scoot to Sheffield

Elfie – Travel from the bottom of Canada to the top to see the Northern Lights using different modes of transport e.g. husky sleds

Bertie – Cross Country skiing for 100 miles

Emily B – Run around the world

Ezri – Kayak the Amazon

Leela – Go bungee jumping

Lauren – Paraglide or go around the world on a bike

Alex – Go to every country in the world

Flynn H-D – Become a drummer and play all around the world

Daniel – Collect all the Lego ‘Lord of the Rings’ characters in the world and make the biggest castle ever

Amelie – Climb Mount Everest

Oscar – Visit every country in the world

Alfie – Learn to use an aquaskipper

Bryn – Climb Angel Falls

Finn – Learn to play the guitar

Abi – Become a famous singer

Sam F – Make animation movies

Ruby R – Become a famous hairdressing pop star

Laura – Cycle around the world

Keira – Become a famous singer and dancer

Jesse – Learn to whistle

Heidi – Swim to Africa

Adam – Snowboard off cliffs

Dylan – Skate across the world

Tilly – Swim to Spain

Robin – travel to Sydney using 8 different types of transport

Ryan – Explore the whole world

Sidney – To ride on a Jaguar

Maddy – To swim the Grindleford River from start to finish

Kiran – To swim in deep water

Marcia – Look after leopards

Toby – Go to France by bike, then sailing boat, then scooter

Theo – Swim to Australia

Charlie – Go skateboarding

Hugh – Skateboard across Australia

Grace – Go on a scooter

Oliver – Scooter down my hill

Wilf – Skateboard to Africa

What dream would you really like to do?

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  1. I would like to be able to count to a high enough number to work out how many kids there are in that class! (Don’t post this!) X

  2. That made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye. Lovely. Would be brilliant to see how many of them have realised their dreams in 20 years time…

  3. give Dave a high five for inspiring so many kids to be adventurous.

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