Our Final Totals– Cracking the Spine and Sports Relief


As you know, way back in the mists of time (December the 6th 2013 to be precise) the school was visited by Andy Mouncey who challenged us to raise money for Sports Relief 2014 by trying to run the same distance that he was going to do during his ‘Cracking the Spine’ Pennine race.

We took up the challenge and started to run our 268 miles.

I am incredibly pleased and proud to write about how incredible the whole school has been on working together as a team to run as many miles as we could.

  • As a whole school (after this afternoon’s run at HVC) we achieved 193 miles.
  • Individual pupils have run in their free time and achieved a mass total of 525.35 miles
  • Running club (after only 2 outings) achieved a total of 73.8 miles

This gives us a GRAND TOTAL of 792.15 miles!!!!

We have officially run the length of the Pennine Way TWICE and are now just above check point 2 at Hawes on our THIRD go!  How amazing is this?


sport relief-142

100 !!!!!!

So how much money have we raised for Sport’s Relief 2014?

  • Bryn has run 100 miles and raised an AMAZING £904Incredible effort Bryn!
  • Dylan has raised £83
  • Emily B has raised £23.61
  • Emily M has raised £15
  • Ezri has raised £5
  • Grace has raised £4
  • Hazel has raised £6
  • Jessica has raised £62.54
  • Marcia has raised £6
  • Mrs Hill has raised £10
  • Orly has raised £24
  • Tilly has raised £5
  • Tyler has raised £62

These AWESOME amounts give us a total so far of £1210.15!


sport relief-001

School Council have sold wristbands (and with some donations) have raised £79.40!

Therefore, so far we have a GRAND TOTAL of £1289.55

As these totals only take into account 11 children’s sponsorship our final total should be much, much bigger.  Please can you bring your sponsorship money in by next Friday (28th March) so that we can publish a final total.

A massive thank you to everyone who has taken part and especially to those pupils who have really challenged themselves to run and raise amazing amounts.  You are brilliant and a lot of people will benefit from your generosity.

Here are some shots of sporting fun from the day:

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