Derwent Art Project – Day 2

It has been another very exciting day today for Class 2 and Year 5, who have produced yet more abstract water designs for our Derwent art work.  They began by thinking about the different ways the river can move and the different patterns that we saw last Friday.  These ideas were then transferred onto large strips of paper with wax crayon until the whole sheet was covered.  Next the strips were crumpled up into tights balls to ‘crack’ the wax.  The final step was to cover the strips in dye which sat on top of the wax ‘like oil’ (Sam F) and soaked into the cracks to produce a really interesting crackle effect.

All the children have been asked what the river means to them and what they would do if they were given a length of river to develop or have as their own.  The designs created have been very versatile, from water parks complete with massive slides to having large perspex sheets fixed above the river which you could lie on and watch the fishes and creatures below you.  Tomorrow’s tasks are to transfer these designs to the border of the art work before Year 6 can do the finishing detail with the printing inks.

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  1. Vanessa Sutton

    I think this project looks fantastic! Such a lovely creative project to finish the year with.

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