Derwent Art Project – Day 3

It has been all go today to try to finish off our massive art project on the River Derwent.  The first task was for all the children to transfer their individual designs onto the tracing paper which will form the border of the finished piece of work.  After this the Year 6’s discussed the flora and fauna which could be found along the river and printed their designs on to the tracing paper ‘banks’.  Judy is now left with the huge task of taking all of the strips of ‘river’ completed over the last two days and sewing them together to form the river itself.  As you can see from the photo gallery the art work is incredibly long and will be amazing when it is fully finished.

The children have all thoroughly enjoyed working with Judy and Mary (who has been helping out in school this week) and are very eager to see what the finished piece will look like.

The art work will be photographed and then shrunk down to fit into our patch of the Derwent as part of Charles Monkhouse’s final art work.  After we have ‘Shepherded the Lights’ in October the images from this section of the project will be added to a Japanese style screen to be displayed alongside the perspex river Charles has created.  At this point we will do a whole school trip out to see out bit of the finished piece displayed.  I personally can’t wait!


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  1. Wow, what a great opportunity to be part of this interesting project.

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