Opening Night

Thank you to all who came to see the opening night of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies, the key stage  2 summer performance for 2014, you were rewarded with a superb night of singing, dancing and cracking jokes.  As I said to the audience tonight, I am usually very nervous indeed before such a play, but I felt none of this this year – this is because the acting is top notch, the singing is top quality and the dancing top entertainment.

It is such a joy to see what starts out as a lifeless script turn into such a visual treat in a matter of weeks, and your children have had more input than ever this year and have really made it what it is.

I was so overwhelmed at the end I forgot to mention the thank-yous!  Miss Village has been terrific working on all the singing and dancing; Mrs Bacon and Mrs Flint have been prop and set superstars and Mrs Slack and Mrs Hill helped out with the arty bits that I am just useless with!  A whole-school effort all round with children and staff working hard to make it what it is.  Finally, a thank you to all you who have helped with obtaining truckloads of tights, helping the children with their singing and acting at home and encouraging them so much.

Here are some memories from not so long ago that will last long into the future:

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  1. Simon Seligman

    Cannot wait to see this tomorrow! Sounds fantastic. Congratulations to all.

  2. Nancy Detchon

    I miss primary school plays! it looks fantastic! Well done all of you xxx

  3. I was amazed by how well you all performed especially the many comical moments! I really enjoyed it.

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