Derwent Pulse – The Next Stage

As you know from the end of last term the school has signed up to take part in a very exciting project called ‘The Derwent Pulse’ which is part of the 2014 Heritage celebrations.

At the end of last term our visiting artist, Judy Hawdon, brought our almost finished art work back in to school to show all the children.  As you can see from the pictures below, it is huge!

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The next stage of the project is an evening activity called ‘Shepherding the Lights’.  This will take place on October 14th 2014 and everyone is welcome to come along and take part – even Great Aunt Ethel!  It will consist of a walk along the Derwent from Hathersage to Grindleford, carrying spheres which will be lit up and ‘pulsing’.  Some of the children, or maybe adults, will also be wearing light suits which will flash and pulse along with the spheres.  When the procession gets close to Grindleford, the spheres will be placed into the river and then collected after the bridge.

It should be a really exciting evening so keep the date free in your diaries, as all the children will need to be accompanied.

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  1. Definitely up for the walk!

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