We were overjoyed to welcome a guest into school today who talked to all the children about her personal journey.  Shauna Coxsey is an extremely talented young climber, and has reached the top of her game by having a dream as a young girl and working extremely hard towards achieving her aims.


She told us of her early fascination with climbing when she was just four years old and the work that she put in to developing her skills and enjoying her passion as she grew up, focussing all the time on her goals: her desire was to be a professional climber and win a gold medal.  However, she knew that she had to work hard in all areas of life to do this and not just dedicate all her efforts on the climbing wall.  After gaining the qualifications she needed to be accepted into all the university places she applied for, she was in a perfect position to make a decision on what direction she would take her life.  It was terrific to hear how she has got to where she is today and achieving the professional and personal successes she has.

If you would like to hear her journey, she is appearing at the Buxton Adventure Festival on the 11th October – we can all highly recommend it. There is some specific information here.

Truly inspiration stuff.



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