Shepherding the Lights

On Tuesday night we completed our adventure of ‘Shepherding the Lights’ for the Derwent Pulse project.  Almost all the school turned out, alongside lots of parents, relatives and friends within the community – thank you so much.  What an awesome evening.

We suited up at the Hathersage end of our stretch of the Derwent, grabbed our light sticks and set off.  As the walk progressed the lights began to pulse faster and use more colours, reflecting the speed and change within the river as we walked alongside it.  It was definitely an ‘oooo’ and ‘aaahhh’ moment when the suits all turned yellow and green under the tree canopy in the woods.

All the children said the event was ‘epic’ and ‘amazing’.  A lot of them even said the best bit was watching the lights flow down the river.  I personally would have liked to see lots more, but the ones that did come down were very pretty.

A big thank you must go to The Sir William for hosting a warm-up afterwards (although the weather was remarkably kind to us).  It was amazing to see almost all of our school community socialising together.  What a brilliant end to an interesting and unique evening.

Thank you also to Charles Monkhouse and Judy Hawdon for doing all the organising and inviting us to take part.  The flyer that came home the other night shows where and when the rest of the events will be taking place if you fancy going again.

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