Spooky Walk and Disco

A huge thank you to Mrs Fletcher and all the members of the PTA who put their time and effort into making a superb evening of the Spooky Walk and Disco.

The turn out of all the little ghouls and boys was terrific to see – so many costumes and such scary make up!!  The walk to find that chocolate-stealing witch was a gruelling one, but it was nice to see her change her ways when we got there and share it out to all.  However, there were some very nasty-looking monsters that we encountered on the way that nearly put us of….. well me anyway, the kids were full of bravado.

It was then back to school for the disco, and it was superbly decorated thanks to Mr Guinness for all of his items and work in putting them up; it really set the scene for an evening of creepy tunes and even creepier dancing.

spookydisco-039We were even blessed with a well-timed visitor in the stairwell coming into the disco, our very own bat!!!  I am not convinced it was of the vampire variety though, and I think it wanted to come in for hot dogs too as I had a hard time convincing it to leave.  It did pose for a photo though whilst it was hanging out.

You can tell how good the whole evening was – look at the smiles on some of these scary faces:

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  1. Big thank you to all the staff who stayed on after a long day to look after the children and feed them all. Brilliant as always. Thank you, it is appreciated. The kids loved it . Here’s to a well earned rest over halt term. Many congratulations to Mrs Slack in her exciting news.

  2. A very big thank you to all the staff for staying on after a long day and looking after the kids at the disco and feeding them. They loved it!! Much appreciated. Here’s to a well deserved break over half term. Thank you once again. Congratulations to Mrs Slack on her news. 😃

  3. No it’s Mr Luscombe!!

  4. She was totally frisked out and wouldn’t believe it was him until he revealed himself! Brilliant pics as always. Well done. Great memories to treasure. Thank you

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