Mountain Biking

Today Year 5 and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at Hope Valley College having a go at mountain biking.  We will be going every Wednesday afternoon until Christmas so should learn some really cool moves.  We will be sharing our sessions with Castleton School which is really good as we get to make new friends as well (even though some of us knew each other already!).

Dean Hughes, a Go-Ride coach from British Cycling, gave all the children helmets and mountain bikes and showed them how to adjust the settings so they were all totally safe.  Then we were off cycling.

Unfortunately, the heavens decided to open and we got caught in a massive downpour!  But we didn’t stop cycling – Oh no….none of this sheltering from the rain lark for us!  Luckily the sun came out again and we were rewarded with the most beautiful, bright double rainbow.  My photography skills did not do it justice – where is Mr Petts with his camera when you need him?!

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  1. Great that you are doing mountain biking! Our kids will love it when they reach year 5. Any plans to teach road cycle safety? We used to do “cycling proficiency” but that was a generation ago!

    • We do Bike-ability in Year 6 when they go through a range of learning aimed at independence and safety with bikes that includes guided rides on roads. The cohort last year loved it and gained superb experience.

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