Christmas Pudding Bake 2014

Are you feeling Christmassy yet?  We all certainly are after spending the day making traditional Christmas puddings at The Maynard.

After we had all put our aprons on, Head Chef Mark talked us through the different ingredients required to make the puddings.  Do you know the difference between sultanas and raisins?  We all do!  Sultanas are from green grapes and raisins are from red grapes.  Then we had great fun smelling the stout and the rum – yum!

The dry ingredients were all mixed together first, with us all taking turns at tipping in and stirring.  When the wet ingredients were added we had to help each other stir by holding the bowl still as it became quite difficult and sticky.  Finally we greased our bowls and put our mixture safely inside ready for steaming.

A massive thank you must go to Holdsworth’s for donating all the ingredients for us to use and an even bigger one to Mark and everybody else at The Maynard for preparing such a delicious feast for us at lunchtime, buying us all a bag full of goodies and giving up so much of their precious time.  THANK YOU!  I am sure that you will be able to see from the following pictures how much fun we all had.

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