Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chickens

What an eggciting afternoon we have had in Class 2!  An eggstreamly nice lady, Debs, from Eggucation visited us with her two tame rare breed hens.  One had eggcellently fluffy feet!

Debs quizzed us about what animals hatch from eggs (we achieved eggcellent scores!) and then talked us through what an incubator is and how it works.  It looks like an eggxtraterrestrial space ship and is much, much smaller than the one we used a couple of years ago.

Then Repekka and Silky Sindy Pom Pom took the stage.  They happily ate worms from the children’s hands and allowed us to stroke them.  If you tapped the floor they came running thinking they would get more food!

After this, Debs showed us how to ‘candle’ the eggs with a torch to see if they are fertile or not and then they were carefully placed in the incubator.  She wrote on each egg to say what type of rare breed hen should hatch from them.

After 21 days the eggs should start to hatch and we will start to move the young chicks to their bigger accommodation.  We will keep the chicks for a further 10 days, before Deb will return to take them back to their home with her.  deb shows her rare breeds off and some have even won trophies!

Very eggciting times ahead!  Thank you to Mr Peggs for the photos!

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  1. Fabulous photographs and what an amazing class. You were most Eggcelent indeed.

    Cant wait to se your blogs as the chicks hatch in 3 weeks.


  2. Its nearly hatch day – take lots of fabulous pictures please Mr pEGGS!!!!

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