Eclipse 2015

What an incredible event to witness this morning!!!!  We were hooked on the BBC live stream as they showed coverage of the eclipse from all over Britain and further afield.  It was buzzing in the classroom, and reminded me of my school days when we crowded round a TV (yes, on a wheeled-in wooden cabinet) to watch the first Space Shuttle land.  We talked about a lot of science and went outside to see how cold it was, in fact we could see our breath!

Although it was cloudy, it turned out to be a fortunate natural filter – I did bring in some extra gear, but didn’t need it as the cover provided ample filtering that allowed me to capture the eclipse as it occurred in Grindleford.  Who needs a telescope when you can lean out of a Velux window with a 300m lens?

I think I might have captured a sun spot on one, but it might have been a high-flying bird:


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  1. Nice work!

  2. nicola luscombe

    Wow, great pictures.

  3. Actually the black dot is a sunspot. You can see the same thing on a number of other images on the Internet.

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