Animal Magic

A zoo trip!!! Is there a better way to end the academic year?

A big thank you to the PTA for paying for the entire school to enjoy a day of animal spotting with many amazing creatures on show.  Yes they were noisy, smelly, scruffy and needed a lot of feeding, but we took them nonetheless 😀

We split them into mixed-aged groups, and using their best map skills, they navigated us over the whole park with many tired feet at the end (my group managed 5.5 miles!).  It was well worth it though, with different highlights from everyone.  It was the weaver birds that amazed me, I could have watched them making their hanging nests for hours.  I didn’t have that luxury though otherwise we’d have missed the bats, meerkats, rhinos, elephants, chimpanzees, orangutans, lions, … the list goes on and on!!  We still didn’t get to see everything, but here are some of the animals we did manage to get round to:

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  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Vanessa Sutton

    Stunning photographs, wish Ella could have been there too!! You all look like you’re having a bit too much fun…..Vanessa

  3. nicola luscombe

    Yes, great photos!

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