Firstly – a HUGE thank you to the staff at The Maynard for providing us with another terrific Christmas pudding day.  From the mixing itself to the amazing lunch, activities and time on their behalf, we are grateful for everything they did for the children on Thursday, they loved every minute of it.

Without their generosity the school wouldn’t have what is an enjoyable annual treat.  The mixture smelled wonderful as it was being turned over by all members of the cooking groups, the aromas of Christmas bringing smiles to all.  There was a first for me, as the group I was with didn’t get a single piece of egg shell into the bowl (I’ve been waiting 9 years!).  Looks like not everyone was as skillful with the egg cracking:

christmas puddings-083

There was a Christmas quiz in which Ladybower did exceptionally well, tons of housepoints won there.  Festive lids were also designed so that every child will be bringing home a personalised pudding towards the end of term – an ideal treat for after Christmas Lunch or a gift for someone in the family who adores them.

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