Internet Safety


As part of our ongoing commitment to Cybersafety, mainly by educating all pupils on technology issues that they may face in their lives, we want to make you aware that advice and information for parents is a large part of what we offer.  There are plenty of links within our E-Safety pages that take you to valuable third-party resources, and we have added an RSS feed on every page within the sidebar on the right side.  It is updated every time you visit us, and links to articles from ParentZone, a leading site concerning e-Safety, click on any that look relevant to you to read the article in full.


So far, only three people have responded to the offer for an informal after-school workshop/discussion on E-safety for parents, if there is anyone else who may be seeking advice on the topic generally, or on anything specific, then please let Mr Petts know.

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  1. Please sign me up for workshop. N Platts

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