Tall Tales

It is always fortunate to get involved in something amazing and new, and thanks to Sophie Hunter we took part in a filled day of storytelling activities at a school day of the Tall Tales Story Festival held at Thornbridge Hall.  After being greeting by a team of foxes, first up for Years 3, 4 and 5 was a treat of the incredibly engaging Babbling Vagabonds: they brought stories to life and even improvised one with ideas from the children (it even featured a hedgehog called Trevor!).  They captured the attention of everyone and had us all in stitches.

Then it was off to have tales read by Caryl Hart, and she also brought an improvised story to life with elements chosen by the children.  After lunch we all made masks before sharing our work with the other schools there, seeing the amazing Julia McInally who had worked with the others to make a story come to life by setting it to music.

Along with dressing up, poetry Duplo, sketching huts, doodling tables and loads more, it proved to be an inspiring trip, and I know a few of the children returned on the day after to do it all again.

Here’s hoping it turns into a regular thing.

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  1. Julia Mcinally

    It was a great day indeed. Wish I could have worked with Grindleford too 🙂

    • I came over and watched you when you were with one of the other schools, loved what I saw. Hopefully get to do something in the future

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