Swishing, Whishing and Krishna

We had Shantha Rao visit school today, and she told stories and led dances with the children of each class.  After an assembly to the whole school, she spent time with class 1.  I was particularly miffed to have missed this, as I heard there was even a ‘staff dance’ presented to everyone.

After lunch, it was the turn of classes 2 and 3 and it started with a very energetic stick dance.  Following an introduction, Shantha allowed the children to explore their own ideas and we were treated to some excellent routines.  There was even time for some interactive storytelling of Krishna where the cheeky prankster stole butter and yoghurt from his mother and her friend – I did enjoy that one 🙂

The children were so engaged throughout the day, and we were all very impressed with the dances they came up with.

Shantha also told us of a Diwali celebration some of you may be interested in, here are the details (click for a larger view):


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  1. Fantastic photos! Thank you so much for taking the time to create these posts, they give us a precious insight to the day, very much appreciated.

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