Puddings and Thanks

christmaspuds2016-23A huge thank you to The Maynard and to Holdsworths (who are amazing in donating all the ingredients!) for making what has kickstarted the build up to Christmas for the children possible today.

christmaspuds2016-22Chef Mark guided us all through the process and was great as ever with them as they mixed, dripped, cracked, poured, dunked, shook, and maybe just maybe, spilt a little of, the ingredients needed to make the sumptuous puddings that you will all receive just before we break up.

The children were brilliantly behaved and enjoyed it immensely – a large part of this is the wonderful lunch that Mark and his team make and serve to us (certainly a massive hit with the staff too).

We cannot say thank you enough…..




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  1. Well done everybody, can’t wait to taste them!

  2. very grateful to all involved I’m making the day possible, happy memories made!

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