The Great British Mud Off

mudoffposterToday saw the very first Great British Mud Off at school – the brainchild of Orla and Lucy during a school council meeting.  We all thought it was a great idea, and after a week of publicity with their amazing poster (left), there was a huge turn-out of wannabe bakers who were aiming to take the title.

Chocolate seemed to be a popular flavour, but beyond that there was a range of decorative choices made with natural ingredients with inventive names such as Ice Rose.

Judging by Muddy Berry and Paul Hollymud was watched by the whole school as the competitors sweated it out to see if they passed the stringent taste tests and checks for soggy bottoms.


In the end, it was a tough choice, and the show stoppers were:

In third place a beautifully presented cake with seasonal decorations.


In second place a very well-made decorative creation with lemon icing – a real piece of art.



Containing chocolate, caramel and fudge, the textures of this cake were varied and made it by far the most delicious.


Well done all – I hope this is an annual event:



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