Christmas Winners

Stars of the Week:

The Whole of Class 1  – For working so hard to produce a superb Nativity.

Tyler  – For trying so hard with his Christmas Crafts.

Heidi  – For creating some wonderful Christmas artwork all week.

Writer of the Week:

Eva – For making huge improvements with her writing.

Right Choice Winners:

Grace M – For volunteering to do lunch duty.

Tyler – For helping to tidy the play equipment away at lunchtime.

Laura – For tidying up around the school.

Headteacher Awards

We’ve had some brilliant assemblies prepared and presented to us this term.  Thank you to all the pupils (and their parents) who have put so much effort into their assemblies and helping us to learn something new.

The Eco Committee – Green Day

Tilly – Emma Stevens

The Eco Committee – Turning off lights, saving power and energy.

Mrs Bacon – Anti Bullying

Kiran, Dylan, Maddy, Wilf, Eva and Mrs Campbell – Fungi

Keira – Taylor Swift

Tilly – Danger Mouse

Ruby, Millie, Tilly – Little Mix

Heidi – Gymnastics

Logan – Speedway

We were amazed at the level of Gymnastics that Heidi is now competing at and also the range of equipment she uses.

It was also amazing to watch Logan competing around the speedway circuit and being able to see his tactical manoeuvres which have made him second in his age group across Great Britain.

I am really looking forward to the assemblies in the new year – I never know what I am going to learn about or be amazed by.

Certificates from Home

Morrigan – Swimming 60m in butterfly – Well done!

Alice – Swimming, Stage 3 – Well done!

House Point Trophy Winners:

Congratulations to all the members of Howden who managed to get the most house points this week, even with our Advent Calendar trying to influence the outcomes!  The Captain and Vice-Captain of Howden will present the certificates in the first assembly of 2017.



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