#SID2017 Post Positively with Permission

It has been Safer Internet Day today – an excellent opportunity to share some important messages to the children about enjoying all the great things the internet brings us whilst doing our best to stay safe.

The focus today was on posting images: a huge part of online life for young people, especially as they enter secondary education.  The day started with an assembly where it became apparent that we do a lot more online that we realise: Playstation, Netflix, YouTube, Googling and Minecraft to name a few, but that’s enough about me 😉

To start off the discussion we grabbed a quick selfie:


We take safeguarding very seriously here at Grindleford, and I told them that I only posted this because I had the written permission from all of their parents to put their picture on the school’s website.  It is always important to ask for someone’s permission before posting an image of them online.

We then went on to think about what personal information it is safe to share online, and who with.

Computing lessons in the afternoon with Classes 1 and 3 (Class 2’s turn tomorrow) looked into posting pictures at a greater depth; following some image-based activities, we had a great time creating an ‘online profile’ that follows the recommendations of Posting Positively and keeping personal information safe when sharing images.

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