Dancing Distinction

Last night our self-formed dance troupe went to The Winding Wheel Theatre in Chesterfield to take part in the North East Derbyshire and Rural Derbyshire Dance Platform.


The girls have had just under three weeks to pick a song, choreograph their dance and then practice it to perfection!  I must admit, I was a bit sceptical that 10 girls could pull off this feat without really falling out with each other, but they did it!  I am sooooo proud of them.

We turned up at The Winding Wheel and were shown upstairs into the ballroom – what a fabulous room, it had two balconies and a proper sprung floor.  This was where all the dancers would be gathering before the performance.  We had about five minutes to settle, then it was our rehearsal slot….

img_0833-medium img_0832-medium….The stage was still being decorated up with the Rural Partnership banners and the the auditorium was empty.

The girls had two run throughs and tried to get used to the immense amount of space – very different to the IT suite at lunchtime!

After rehearsal, we went back up to the ballroom where more (very impressive) dance troupes had arrived.  We were the only Primary school to take part alongside two secondary schools.  All the rest of the dancers were from commercial dance schools and academies.  They were very, very talented and even had matching tracksuits!  We had the pleasure of watching them warm up whilst we settled down and had our tea.  Then came make-up, hair and general practicing…

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Finally, we were taken down to the auditorium and managed to sit on the second row back.


We had a brilliant view of all the dances and were amazed at the quality and talent within our local area.  We saw DanceDaze who got to the second round in Britain’s Got Talent 2017 and are the current Under 10 and Under 14 Street Dance World Champions!  There were GCSE students who had choreographed their own dances and dances that other pupils performed and dance troupes who have performed at the start of Sheffield Steelers games….it was an immense evening!





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  1. Didn’t they do well!! Obviously I’m biased, but I thought they really held their own, surrounded by dance schools and older kids. Well done all, and thanks to Mrs Hill for taking them.

  2. Fantastic evening so proud of the girls and Grindleford Primary.

  3. They were brilliant . So proud of the girls and Grindleford Primary.

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