What Next for our Thomas Challenge?

The Thomas Theyer Challenge:  Total so far:  £258.85

As you know we are busily doing lots of fundraising activities to try to achieve £1000 in one year.  We have only started raising money since Christmas and already we are over a quarter of the way towards our target!  We have raised this through popcorn sales on a Friday evening, hot chocolate drinking on a Thursday and pancakes on Pancake Day and donations that have been added to the pots – Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us to achieve this massive amount already.

I have been trying to get the idea across to the children that a little bit of money, donated by a lot of people, goes a long way.  I am also really keen that the ideas for fundraising come from the children themselves.  This is why we have started having Hot Chocolate Thursdays for 10p a cup, as it was an idea raised through School Council.

So……the next round of fundraising has been thought up and planned by the children themselves!

Art Competition – Organised by Keira Y6 – Open to everyone, 50p per picture, maximum of 2 entries per child.  Can be of anything!  Closing date is Friday 24th March, 9am.  We are hoping to get someone from the village art club to judge the entries and a superb prize is up for grabs.

Story Writing Competition – Organised by Tilly Y5 and Amelie Y6 – Open to everyone, 50p per entryClosing date is Friday 24th March, 9am.  There is again a prize for the winner.

Red Nose Day – Friday 24th March – Non uniform day – no charge for this.  Red Noses on sale for £1

Sponsored Jelly Sit-in! – Organised by Heidi Y5, Monday 27th March – Heidi has volunteered to be sponsored to sit in jelly for the whole day whilst doing her lessons etc.  This should be immensely funny for us, but an ordeal for Heidi (I’m not sure she fully realises what she has signed up to!).  We (Mr Petts) have calculated that we will need 42 blocks of jelly to fill the paddling pool up for her, so if you have any lurking in the back of your cupboard we would greatly appreciate any donations!  A sponsor sheet is attached to this letter if you would like to sponsor Heidi and see how long she lasts for!

Dodgeball Competition – Organised by School Council, Tuesday 28th March – The teams have already put themselves forward and are ready to go.  It is £1 per team member for entry, with a trophy up for grabs!

Football Competition – Organised by the school Sports Crew, Friday 31st March – The teams have already put themselves forward and are ready to go.  It is £1 per team member for entry, with a trophy up for grabs!

Phew!  Unfortunately, that only takes us up to Easter!!  After Easter we have a sponsored silence pencilled in for Wednesday 26th April and Logan has volunteered to be sponsored to have his hair dyed pink, which is pencilled in to happen on Wednesday 17th May!

It should be lots of fun and I can’t wait to see how much money the children manage to raise!

School Council also set up a bottle for any lose change you may have floating around in your pockets.  The bottle is found outside Mrs Ibbotson’s office and is gradually filling up.  Rev Jude went through her pockets the other day and donated a fabulous £1.06!!  The children can also bring in any small change and put it into the bottle.  We will do a grand count of the bottle contents when it is full.

Again, a massive thank you for all your efforts and generosity so far.  If any of you would like to do something daft and be sponsored to help our challenge, just let me know!!





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