A Cold Day In Jelly

It has been the strangest day today in class 3, but for a totally awesome reason.

As many of you know, one whacky willing pupil suggested that she spend a whole day in jelly to raise money for the Thomas Theyer Challenge.  Well, today was the day, and she appeared at registration all prepared.

Her place was ready.

Assembly was the ideal time for the filling and sitting:

At the time of writing, she has done a sterling effort and has every minute of class time in there, and on course for a total of 4 wobbly hours and 45 wibbly minutes.

She didn’t get out of working too much either, although it was less than 10 seconds before she got her table covered :-/

This is going to make a huge difference to our current total, so thank you to everyone who has sponsored her, we will post up the total raised when all the finds have come in.

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  1. I trust you deducted a couple of house points for being out of uniform.

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