RNLI and Water Safety

We were incredibly lucky to be visited today by Ali Singleton, an RNLI Education Leader.  Ali delivered an assembly to us all about the different roles and responsibilities within the RNLI and talked about beach safety and how we can keep each other SAFE:

S – Spot the Dangers

A – Always go with a friend or adult

F – Know the safety signs and the Flags

E – Emergency 999/112

Ask the children to expand on these – they did a fabulous wave and shout for help for the Emergency bit!!  Did you know that if you go to a lifeguard hut before going on the beach they will give your child a wristband?  You then write your mobile number on it and then if your child gets lost or separated from you, you can be contacted easily.  I didn’t!  What a brilliant and simple idea.

Then Ali visited each of the classes throughout the day for a workshop on water safety as well as beach safety.  I was impressed at Class 3 telling me how to get out of a rip tide whilst queuing up for their lunch!  Here are some of Class 3 enjoying their workshop.

For more information, activities and advice check of the RNLI website at http://www.rnli.org or the children’s website at shorething.rnli.org.


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